1saac Tour Sponsored Bike Ride

1saac Tour – Day 17

Only 40 miles today….obviously slacking!!  Some great pictures!

From Killin to Pitlochry.  A short stage today, though still managed to climb 2.500 feet. Rode entire length of Loch Tay and then followed River Tay into Pitlochry. Pictures include a village passed on the way, the first design for Chris’s farmhouse at Parton Vrane and Chris cycling into Pitlochry. I have managed to airbrush out the vapour trail!

Stats: 39.4 miles   4hrs  9.85mph  2552 elevation.

If you would like to support Chris and Andy’s sterling effort causes, please click here to sponsor them, or you can drop by the butcher’s shop in Portscatho and leave any donations with Tom.

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