1saac Tour Sponsored Bike Ride

1saac Tour – Days 2-4

The boys left Gerrans on a foggy morning 2 days ago with a send off from her maj. (virtually) and cycled from Philleigh to Camelford in 5.44 hours a distance of 59.1 miles.

Day 3We set off on a 1.25 mile climb out of Camelford onto the Bodmin Moor across old Davidstow WW2 airfield, then up and down 11 river valleys, so it was heavy going.

Onto the Tarka  Traik, it was good going and the further we went, the hotter it got, eventually arriving at Bideford and into a great farmhouse B& B.

Stats: 59.7 miles  – 6 hrs 30 mins – 9.2 mph – 4,141 elevation – 2,353 calories


Day 4: From Bideford to Dulverton: We cycled 10 miles of Tarka trail through Barnstaple then climbed to Barton Fleming and Exmoor where we had the first puncture of the Tour.

3 huge climbs got us on to the top of Exmoor, but we were rewarded with stunning ride across the tops before dropping into Dulverton. There, we met some friends, Mick and Sue, who can across to see us. More later, Chris needs some caring!!!

Stats: 46.5 miles – 5 hrs 24 mins – 8.6 mph – 3,564 elevation – 1,925 cals


Today we leave Dulverton and cycle on to Glastonbury. We’re looking forward to our stay in Glastonbury in the Moon in the Appletree!!

If you would like to support Chris and Andy’s sterling effort causes, please click here to sponsor them!


  • Hi guys, great work. hope all is well down south (both geographically and metaphorically!) keep the updates coming we’re following your progress from Leeds. All the best

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