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A Guide to the Beasts of East Africa by Nicholas Drayson

The second book about “good old Mr Malik”, a follow up to A Guide to the Birds of East Africa. This time Mr Malik is mourning the loss of his son, preparing for his daughter’s wedding, Club members are theorising about the mystery of Lord Erroll’s murder, plans for a new mega shopping and entertainment mall threaten to destroy a piece of history and the Club’s mascot disappears in suspicious circumstances.

What is Mr Malik’s surprise for his fellow safari goers? And what about Rose Mbikwa? After her life in Scotland will she remember those long ago Tuesdays? Will the Birds of a Feather column continue? All this and more is revealed.

Having enjoyed “Birds”, I was really looking forward to the follow up, and I wasn’t disappointed. Comparisons with Alexander McCall Smith are inevitable, but what’s wrong with that?

Verdict: A delightfully low key story, amusing, intriguing and rather sweet. *****

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