Local News 2012

Advice on Hacking Prevention from Roseland Online

As you may be aware, Email account hacking has become rife and it is a concern not only for the recipient, but more so the victim of the hacking.

Hackers not only access your account and send out emails to everyone in your address book with spam mail (the more elaborate asking for money to be sent abroad as someone in the family has befallen a mishap) but of late, they have been copying and then erasing your contacts list and saved emails, too – as a friend of mine this week encountered on her Yahoo! account.

To help combat this, Roseland Online has created this document to users of public accounts like Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo! and Googlemail, etc. to give help and advice into preventing these stressful hackings and what to do if they do happen to you.

Feel free to pass this on to whomever you may feel will benefit from knowing the information herein and we recommend you store this on your computer where it will be accessible should this unfortunate occurrence befall you.

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