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Affordable Homes in St Mawes?

Do you need an affordable home in St Mawes? Your Parish Council last night voted unanimously to support plans for 15 new homes in St Mawes, but there is still one more hurdle before they can be build.

Cornwall Council now need to give us permission to build the homes and help is needed.

Email the planning team at quoting reference PA17/04451 and tell them why you want these homes. Your view will count.

You can also talk to your Cornwall Councillor Julian German and express your thoughts. His email address is


  • I lived in St Mawes very happily renting a property on Castle Drive long term.
    The Owner knocked property down and built a mansion (which is hardly ever occupied).
    I have been looking to rent again in St Mawes where all my friends are but its not possible anymore.

  • Great idea for the locals to have a opportunity to own their own homes in the village they have resided.It is a necessity that affordable homes are available for the younger generation or they will have no option but to leave their village.

  • This is a very good for local youths and families to eventually own their own homes, it is what is needed. We fully support the parish council in their support for this project .

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