Local News 2010

Affordable Housing In Veryan

Roseland Online has received questions from Veryan readers who have heard news that there may be a development of some sort in the offing in the area. In a bid to obtain clarity on this rumour, we have followed up this enquiry with the Carrick Housing on your behalf. This is the current state of play:

Carrick are certainly looking into the possibility of creating some affordable housing in Veryan but no formal application has been made at this time. They have plans to consult with the Parish Council in the near future and are awaiting their invitation for first stage talks. Once this possibility has been discussed, they would then have some open consultations with the community to assess the needs in Veryan. A possible site has been earmarked in Elerkey Lane and a developer interested in the possible development, but, once again, they were keen to stress that no formal applications have been forthcoming, nor will there be until Carrick have had a chance to discuss the possibilities with the Parish Council and the community. This is not now likely to be before the New Year at the earliest.

As always, Roseland Online will keep you up to date with any developments in this matter.

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