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AONB Building a sustainable future for the unique Atlantic woodland habitat

The Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is currently a partner in the ‘Building Resilience in South West Woodlands’ project with Plantlife (the Lead Partners). This project aims to build upon current and significant momentum across the south west region to ensure a resilient and sustainable future for the unique Atlantic woodland habitat and its rich but declining population of rare lichens, moss and liverworts.

Plantlife are currently undertaking a period of consultation for which your assistance would be very much appreciated, it would be most helpful if you could spare the time to complete one or the other of the surveys listed below.

The links to the community consultation and the schools consultation are here: and are for anyone living in, working in, or visiting the project area. The following survey link is for schools, outdoor centres, forest schools, etc.:

Plantlife are able to supply introductory emails or short articles for newsletters and there is more information on their webpage where, under the section ‘Want to get involved or find out more?‘ you can do just that!

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