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Apples Spiked with Screws Found in Probus

probus appleA resident in Probus has asked locals to be on their guard when walking dogs after she found an apple impregnated with screws thrown on the ground near her home.

Dee Townsend’s mother had been walking her dog in Probus in Fair-Fields, opposite the new housing development, when her dog started to sniff at something on the ground.

Dee told Roseland Online, “My mum was walking our dog last night through Probus when our dog discovered an apple. Luckily my mum managed to pull her away just in time. Upon looking closer we discovered several screws implanted in the apple (which was cut in half).”

“This really concerns me to think that someone has done this deliberately, whether to harm an animal, person/child, or to puncture car tyres along the road. It has still been a deliberate act to cause harm in some way.”

The police have been made aware of the situation but we ask everyone to share this story so residents throughout South Central Cornwall can be on their guard, should other such occurrences have been left. Of course, do let us know of any other incidents and we’ll make sure our readers both here, on Twitter and Facebook know about it instantly.

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