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Are You Waiting On An Out Patient Appointment?

Are you waiting on an Out Patient Appointment?

Many patients will be waiting on delayed out patient appointments, diagnostic procedures and/or elective admissions.  In order to help patients who are concerned that their condition or symptoms are deteriorating, the Royal Cornwall Hospital has set up a patient hotline.

The aim of this hotline is to:-

  • avoid patients having to return to their GP to raise concerns about their condition or symptoms with a view to expediting care
  • ensure there is a clear route in for enquiries where patients are concerned about their condition
  • help keep patients safe whilst waiting for treatment as all enquiries and concerns are assessed by a clinician.

The hotline is:  0800 035 7777 or you can email:

If you want to find out what the current waiting times are for treatment, you may like to visit the RCHT website, and you can access that link here.

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