Local News 2011

Baby Born in Trewithian Layby

18.08.11: Congratulations go out to proud St Mawes residents, Peter and Mhairigh Rosewall this week on the birth of their baby daughter, Annabel… but under rather unusual circumstances. Rushing off to hospital, Peter had to suddenly pull over at the square of grass before Trewithian at the cut-off to the King Harry Ferry as  Mhairigh’s waters broke. With no other option. Mechant seaman, Peter then proceeded to help his wife give birth.

Mhairigh told Roseland Online, “Peter was amazing. I was in a lot of pain but he stayed completely calm throughout. Although he had no experience, he delivered our baby, Annabel, like a professional.”

The ambulance turned up thereafter and transported baby Anabell – a true Roseland baby! – and the newlywed couple across the King Harry Ferry to Treliske so they could have the full post natal care. Well done, Peter! An amazing feat, over and above the call of duty!

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