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Beautiful Lies

Starring Audrey Tautou and Nathalie Baye, Directed by Pierre Salvadori.

Emilie (Tautou) puts all her heart into running her busy hairdressing salon in sunny South of France. Meanwhile, her mother, has had her heart broken, and needs love. When Emilie starts receiving anonymous love letters, she decides to send them on to her mother, sparking confusion, complications and dilemmas when the secret admirer is revealed.

This is a charming film which, although takes a little time to pick up because of a few odd and sometimes unbelievable occurrences, does end up giving that all important ‘warm’ feeling RomComs set out to deliver. The start of this film for me, however, is Nathalie Baye who plays the mother. She’s fun and no doubt enjoyed the role. Nevertheless, all come across well in the end.

Verdict: The magnificent ‘Amelie’ it is not, however, despite a few clumsy scenes, it does deliver. ***

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