Book Reviews - Sallie Eden Book Reviews 2012

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Deborah Moggach

Set in England and India, the book tells of a variety of people, their lives, their circumstances and the reasons they move to India to live out their later years, surrounded by strangers in a foreign country.

It is a story of loneliness, uncertainty and starting again. Parents and grandparents are abandoned, relationships crumble, secrets are revealed, and, in some cases, families are reunited. Contrasts are made between cultures and family values. Old lives and memories are lost, but for others, life is just beginning.

Verdict: Although this is the book on which the recent blockbuster film was loosely based, many of the characters were merged or lost. A good story, thought provoking and quite moving, but darker and without the charm and gentle humour of the film. ***

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