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Bogus Police Advertising Calls To Businesses

Roseland Online has just had an email in from a local business saying:

“We have had a strange call this morning which we think was a scam.  The man said he was from Cornwall Police (but could not pronounce Kernow) and was asking for money for advertising in a police magazine.  The guy was very pushy and when he realised he was getting nowhere he hung up the phone.”

Speaking to Tregony Police, they have no knowledge of this being anything but bogus.

We want to remind everyone not to give out any details of credit cards, etc. over the phone unless you’re absolutely sure who you’re talking to.


  • just had a phone call from Dave on behalf of Federation of British Police Motoring Club trying to sell me advertising. Told him we were on TPS which he challenged. He would not give his phone number when asked. He then rang off when I asked him to repeat his details.

  • Hello. I received a call just after I started my business. It was from somebody claiming to be from the Federation of British Police Motor Club. They were selling advertising space, and that they had a company to do all the design work. I went on line and found the prices all different but the main point that gave him away was the publishing date he gave. It was 2 weeks after it had been published for that quarter. when I told him this he rang off and i haven’t anything more. On the FBPMC site it says that scammers are using their name.
    Greg Speed

    • Just to let you know that we are still getting these scam calls & supposedly from the – FBPMC- Overdrive magazine this morning.

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