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Book of Remembrance Book Taken from St Mawes Church

missing rememberance bookThe St Mawes Church Book of Remembrance was taken on November 9th, just prior to their November 10th Remembrance Sunday service.

On the afternoon/evening of Saturday 9th, the book seems to have been taken as the cabinet in which it resides had been cleaned that morning and the book was there at that time.

Church Warden, Richard Waters, told Roseland Online, “The book  is left in a locked cabinet at the back of the church and is normally displayed on a purple cushion in the case.  It is left open to show the fine scroll Italic script of the roll of honour for the two World War dead. The book is double A4 in size when open and bound in browny red Morocco leather. It is a handsome book.”

They found the book missing on Sunday 10th but the cabinet was locked. In its place, though was a 10 x 8 inch book, which is a quandary for them.

replacement bookRichard added, “[This replacement book] is a blue, damaged, water stained replica that has recently been recovered. These replicas of the local communities’ fallen, were bought by or presented to the relatives of the dead at the end of each World War.”

They are at a loss as to how this exchange could have come about as all of their keys are accounted for. It would seem that whomever took the book, either picked the lock or had access to a key somehow. 

There is an assumption that someone had an interest in one of the deceased or a relation, had looked at the book and bothered to leave an inferior replica in its place. Otherwise they believe the theft would have been totally meaningless.

They deliberately left the case open in the hope that the person who took it would have a troubled conscience and return the book in a quiet moment, but this hasn’t happened to date.

They are not interested in involving the police at this time, but purely want the book back, so if anyone may have any information, Richard would like to hear from them.

You can contact Richard through us by emailing: mark@roselandonline.co.uk and we’ll relay any messages back. Alternatively you can reach him write to him at: 10, Carrick Way, St Mawes TR2 5BB  or call: 01326 270822.

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