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Book Review – April 2020 – Sallie Eden

The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell – Published by Arrow Books 2020
This is the story of a baby; a well-cared for baby, found alone in a house in Chelsea, alone that is except for the bodies of three adults.
Is it a romantic novel? Libby is certainly planning to meet the man of her dreams, fall in love and start a family, but with decaying corpses a key part of the story, romantic would be an unlikely description.
A crime story? Maybe, but to the police all the evidence points to a suicide pact. Case closed….but what happened to the baby?
A psychological thriller? Almost certainly. It’s tense, intriguing, full of twists and little mysteries (as well as one big mystery), romance, unrequited love and, above all, completely engrossing. I read it on a plane and almost wished the flight was longer so I could finish it in one reading.

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