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Book Review – December 2015 – Sallie Eden

Heroes of the Coffee Rota by Dave Walker – Published by Canterbury Press, June 2015


Heroes of the Coffee RotaDescribed as a book for “everyone who keeps the church going. Those who lead, arrange, preach, attend, teach, clean, collate or mow something…and, in particular, the heroes of the coffee rota”.

Anyone who’s ever read The Church Times will be familiar with Dave Walker’s eye for the absurd and his wonderfully idiosyncratic cartoons.

And anyone who hasn’t read The Church Times (I imagine that’s most of you) …you have a treat in store! Of course, the cartoons focus on church matters – going back to church, saving seats, taking drinks orders, Harvest Festival etc – but anyone who’s ever been on a committee, attended a meeting or tried to avoid volunteering will find something relevant and (I guarantee it) something to make them laugh out loud (or wince!)

Dave Walker, hero of the absurd! Be confident, relax and enjoy it!

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