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Book Review – December 2020 – Sallie Eden

The Adventures of Paddington: The Missing Marmalade Sandwich 

Published by Harper Collins, 2020

Children’s books are unfamiliar territory for me, but I do love a lift-the-flap-book! I’m not keen on marmalade but it’s coming up to Christmas so I’m prepared to make an exception and recommend a story about marmalade sandwiches, especially as it features the delightful Paddington, to whom “things always happen”.

It doesn’t have the charm of the original Michael Bond books, but the pictures are bold and bright so well suited to very small children. It’s also solidly constructed so when your child has moved on to other things you can pass it on.


The plot is as described and the story has a “kind” moral feel to it, possibly wasted on the age range of the recommended readership, but overall, it’s cute and would make a nice gift for a 1-2 year old


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