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Book Review – February 2018 – Sallie Eden

Girls Can’t Hit by TS Easton – Published by Hot Key Books, 2017

This book has been on my radar for a while, but I put off reading it for two slightly conflicting reasons:

1. I wanted something good to read in the long January evenings; and 

2. I loved Tom Easton’s previous book ‘Boys don’t knit’ so much, I feared disappointment. 

As you’ll have guessed, I like books. Reading offers so much, so it’s important that young adults aren’t put off by being exposed only to works they “should” read. 

What makes a good book? An interesting plot, characters that you warm to or characters you really don’t (preferably both), fluent writing, a great ending and, depending on the genre, humour and/or a book that teaches you something. 

Unless you’re Nicola Adams this book fulfils all those criteria. 

Aimed at teenagers, it’s pitched exactly right. Clever, funny and a bit different. Correct use of apostrophes too (I told you it was educational). 

It’s also thought provoking. Custard creams: the gateway drug to patriarchy? Girls can’t hit? Well…there are two schools of thought, but I can clear up one mystery: it’s jam first.

Make yourself a protein shake, cut a slice of Bakewell tart, settle down, open at page 1, read… enjoy (even if you aren’t a young adult). 

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