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Book Review – February 2019 – Sallie Eden

Come A Little Closer by Rachel Abbott – Published by Black Dot Publishing, 2018 

You’ve heard of football matches being a “game of two halves”, well, this, to me, was a book of four quarters.

Quarter 1: interesting and intriguing

Quarter2: a slow burn; I wasn’t quite sure where it was heading,  but I wanted to know anyway

Quarter 3: utterly compelling

Quarter 4: increasingly tense before leading to an absolutely stunning ending.

If you liked The Handmaid’s Tale (I didn’t), you’re likely to love this slow-burn story of manipulation and the power of fear. This is the stuff of nightmares, being both haunting and horrifyingly realistic. I can’t wait to read more of Rachel Abbott’s books (just as soon as I compose myself).

As it says in the book “I don’t know myself any more……My name is Judith…I’m someone else”

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