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Book Review – January 2019 – Sallie Eden

Wassail Father Christmas by Angela M Horton (illustrated by Sonia S Calloway) – Published by Penbracken Press, 2018
Do you want to keep Christmas alive for a while longer? Try this lovely little book written by a Cornwall based author. It provides an excuse for children to make as much noise as they like, then eat far too much apple cake (adults may also try this!).
Explaining the history of wassailing, this book aims to help children understand and care for the natural world as well as teaching them about the wassailing tradition.
Poor Santa, his sleigh overturns, the toys are scattered and as for the reindeer…
Luckily the children of the Manor House see what has happened and they call in reinforcements. There’s an Arctic Fox, some Morris dancers, a team of robins and, of course, The Green Man. Don’t forget to look out for the snails cunningly hidden throughout the book.
There’s a surprise for all the people who helped Father Christmas but they have to wait…..
This book was a great hit with the children at St Mawes Primary school who were fortunate recently to hear it read to them by the author.

Profits from the sake of the book go to Children’s Hospice South West – Copies are available from the author at by 

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