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Book Review – January 2020 – Sallie Eden

Before the coffee gets cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi – Published by Picador, 2019

‘If you could go back who would you want to meet?’
In a tiny coffee shop hidden away in a back street in Tokyo, coffee is served each day. The customers change, but their purpose remains the same: to journey into the past.
Is that possible? Yes, but only if you follow the rules: you must wait until a particular seat becomes vacant, you must sit there and only there,  you cannot leave the cafe whilst you drink your coffee and, above all, you must drink it before it gets cold.
This is the story of four people who choose to take a life changing journey from that seat.
There are not enough superlatives to describe this book. No wonder it’s a best seller in Japan. Extraordinary, moving, sweet, sad, comforting and more. I loved every beautifully crafted word.

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