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Book Review – July 2019 – Sallie Eden

The Concise Politically Incorrect Wine Book by James John MW – In Vino Veritas Press, 2019
Written by a Master of Wine, with an almost unrivalled pedigree, formed over 50 years in the wine trade, you’d expect this book to be detailed, accurate and well informed. And you’d be right. 
What you might not expect is the fact that the author has no intention of telling us what to drink, what to drink it with and why we should, or even ought to, enjoy it. Instead he encourages wine drinkers to decide for themselves what they like. He has only three rules for what makes a good wine: flavour, flavour and flavour. 


Whilst it’s detailed, it’s not remotely “precious” about wine production or the end product. It’s a very user friendly guide, albeit with some worryingly detailed, possibly not entirely accurate, illustrations (by the author) of bacteria.

The book covers everything from grapes to water (yes, really) and from temperature to alcohol level and, along the way, puts to bed a lot of myths, even suggesting that traditional ways might not always be the best way. If you want to add a little water to your glass, why not?


I don’t drink alcohol, so you may think it odd when I say how much I enjoyed this book. It’s rare to find an unpretentious and helpful guide that’s as interesting to people with little knowledge of a topic as it is to the cognoscenti. 
I know one thing, if I ever take up wine I shall be avoiding Colombard thanks to Mr John’s graphic description of the nose!
A truly refreshing book about wine. A book to read and then, like a fine wine, to savour.
Available locally from Mr Scorse Deli in St Mawes

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