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Book Review – June 2015 – Sallie Eden

Mrs Pargeter’s Principle by Simon Brett – Published by Creme de la Crime; First World Publication edition, April 2015

simon-brettMrs Pargeter returns! As promised in last month’s interview with Simon Brett, I have read (and enjoyed) his latest story. This time, Melita Pargeter is a little more involved in her late husband’s activities, whilst, of course, retaining her distance from the actual detail.

Although he was unfortunately absent for certain periods during their long and happy marriage, Mr Pargeter made sure that his dear wife was protected from the realities of his business life. He also ensured she was well provided for after his death, both financially and in other ways, most often via the support network listed in his “little black book”

The death of Sir Normington Winthrop, apparently a former business contact of the late Mr Pargeter, leads to an investigation involving a funeral, a wedding, and a veritable what’s what of crime, from burglary to kidnap. With her usual determination to bring the guilty to justice, and with the help of a pink china cat and the relevant experts, Mrs Pargeter triumphs again.

A good read. Quirky, light hearted, well written and … what can I say? Mrs Pargeter remains my favourite of Simon Brett’s wonderful characters.

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