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Book Review – June 2018 – Sallie Eden

crocodileThe Crocodile Under the Bed by Judith Kerr – Published by Harper Collins 2015

Apparently aimed at 2-4 year olds, I’m quite a few years older and I enjoyed this book every bit as much as the target readership (possibly more!). 

Matty is too sick to go to an important party. He has to stay in bed, but surely the author, the inestimable Judith Kerr, won’t let him miss out? I won’t give away the plot so I’ll just say that one of my favourite characters makes an appearance, together with another of her best loved characters.

Charming, well written and beautifully illustrated.  I bought some of Ms Kerr’s books for Christmas gifts and so I can say with confidence that, lIke all of her books, this is one to read and re-read. 


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