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Book Review – June 2019 – Sallie Eden

The Artist’s Handbook by Mark David Hatwood FRSA – Independently Published 2019

I’m rather late to reading The Artist’s Handbook, as it has already hit No. 1 on Amazon’s Art Business listings. Resulting from thirteen articles commissioned by The Artist magazine, this book was written by Roseland Online’s very own polymath, Mark Hatwood.
Here he builds on his experience of running a highly successful gallery and website, to set out what artists should look for when deciding which galleries to approach, what galleries need to know and provide, what skills are needed, how to use social media to publicise your art and so much more.
If I say it is full of sound common sense, it may suggest the advice is so obvious as to negate the need for the book. That’s definitely not the case. The ‘questions to ask’ alone make this book worthwhile.

Using a combination of self-help tips, confidence boosting advice, guidance on time-management and the use of new technology, Mark has produced a guide to help both new and more experienced artists and gallery owners build their presence from the ground up, enhance their relationships and grow their client base.

As Mark says, whether you’re an artist or a gallery owner, when you’re aiming for a successful long-standing relationship  “first impressions count”. This helpful, down to earth, book will help you do just that.

Don’t wait for success, read the book, go out and make it for yourself.
Available on Kindle on Amazon and paperback here: (where there is also a try-before-you-buy)

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