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Book Review – May 2020 – Sallie Eden

The Kitchen Science Cookbook by Dr Michelle Dickinson – To be published by Particular Books, 30 May 2020

A recipe book with a difference; each recipe is a science experiment.
Edible experiments, sound experiments…surfactant experiments? Take your pick. And, in a prescient statement, the book starts with the words “Wash your hands!”
The book might be aimed at children, but it made me want to rush to the kitchen to make coloured flowers, construct a confectionery candle and see if it really is possible to put an egg in a bottle.
Alternatively, I might just borrow a child from one of my friends. What child could resist making edible slime? And what adult isn’t intrigued by the idea of ricotta in 20 minutes?
Feed your curiosity! A wonderful, hands-on way to learn about science whilst cooking, eating and having fun. Great photos too. Kudos to the author, the tasters and the models.

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