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Book Review – October 2017 – Sallie Eden

Max and the Doglins by Amanda Montgomery-Higham First published in 2007

Max is a dog. He’s hungry, so when he finds an egg, he steals it. And the next night he steals another. The night after that he steals yet another….

Beryl the hen is mystified. Where are her eggs going? Who’s taking them?  

Then one night Max gets a visit from some scary creatures – the Doglins of the title. They tell him they’re going to take over his belongings. 

That’s bad enough, but when they tell him that they’re also going to take the eggs, Max decides it’s time to stand up to them. 

A sweet little morality tale for 3-5 year olds* 

Available from Fudge & Moore, St Mawes

* Note: sensitive children might find the drawings of the Doglins a bit scary at bedtime. 

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