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Book Review – October 2019 – Sallie Eden

I see you by Clare Mackintosh – Published by Sphere 2016
“How fast can you run…it doesn’t matter how fast. Because there’s always someone who can run faster”.
After Zoe’s photo appears in the personal column of a newspaper, she becomes obsessed with finding out who arranged for it. What has it got to do with other, similar, adverts? Maybe it’s a coincidence. Maybe it’s not her photo after all. Maybe her life isn’t in danger. But maybe it is.
This is a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant book so it may sound strange to say that I was pleased to finish it. It was so hypnotically engaging and believable that I couldn’t stop thinking and worrying about what might happen next.
The words ‘sinister’, ‘creepy’ and ‘ingenious’ appeared frequently in early reviews and I’m not surprised.
My advice? Tighten up your privacy settings on social media, stay aware at all times and trust no one.
Absolutely stunning.

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