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Book Review – September 2019 – Sallie Eden

Never Rest by Jon Richter – Published by Bloodhound Books, 2018
The author described ‘Never Rest’ to me as a “weird crime thriller” about about a serial killer, a missing husband and a mysterious island. He warned me that it was dark, very dark. He was correct on all counts, but modesty probably prevented him from saying it’s also very very good.
Imagine Scandinavia drama meets ‘Shetland’ with rabbits, lots of rabbits, and you’d get a feel for this book.
As readers of my reviews will know, I’m a terrible wimp as regards violence, plots etc. I don’t like nastiness, so the fact that I read this book in one sitting should indicate how impressed I was by the writing. And (oh, happy day) no cliched hard drinking, womanising, sloppily dressed private detective with a “doubtful” private life, either!
Great characters, realistic dialogue and truly, if horribly, atmospheric.
Jon’s next book ‘Auxiliary” is due for release soon. 

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