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Book Reviews – April 2018 – Sallie Eden

Until We Win by Linda Newbery – Published by Barrington Stoke Teen, 2017

A book aimed at teenagers, described as “an inspiring novel of one young woman’s fight for equality”, this is the story of Lizzy and her fight for independence. 

A reasonable, but basic, introduction to the suffragette movement and, possibly, an eye opener for young people who don’t realise what they owe to the brave women (and men) who fought, went to prison and even died in the fight for equality. 

In this centenary of voting rights for women it is sobering to think how long the campaign lasted, until some women got the right to vote; another ten years passed before all women were entitled. 

Unfortunately the print type and size suggest a book written for a much younger audience. I wish it was longer and more detailed. For example, WWI is covered in only two pages, yet it played a huge part in showing what women and girls could do and bolstered their case for independence. 

Best suited for young teenagers who are reluctant readers and who want a very short primer on the subject.

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  • Thank you for including my book here. You are absolutely right to suggest that it is suitable for reluctant readers. It is published by dyslexia specialists Barrington Stoke – hence the large and simplified typeface, wide spacing and cream paper, easier on the eye than white. That’s also why it’s rather short! All Barrington Stoke’s books are in this format – they have an excellent range and are second to none in catering for this section of the market. See more at

    So my book is necessarily limited in scope, as it was written to the requirements of this publisher, but for a more wide-ranging novel on VOTES FOR WOMEN I can highly recommend THINGS A BRIGHT GIRL CAN DO, by Sally Nicholls. Or for my own more substantial novels, try THE SHELL HOUSE, which moves between the First World War and the present; SOME OTHER WAR, about a pair of twins who are just 18 when war breaks out in 1914; or others shown on my website. Thank you!

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