Book Reviews 2022

Book Reviews – August 2022 – Sallie Eden

The Dinner Guest by B P Walter
Published by Harper Collins 2021
After a run of several dreadful, depressing and/or simply dire books, I wasn’t optimistic about this one, which I chose largely because it looked to be the right length to occupy me if I was delayed for hours at the airport.
To my surprise, the description “immensely gripping” turned out to be absolutely accurate. I even had dreams about it and am almost certain I’ll be careful who I speak to in Waterstones*
The premise is that four people sit down to dinner: Charlie and his husband Matthew, their teenaged son, Titus, and Rachel, a friend from the book club; one ends up dead, but who was the victim and who was the murderer? But, more intriguingly, who confesses and why.
A clever plot and enough twists and turns for two or three books.
* apologies to the shop of that name, but you know why. 

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