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Book Reviews – March 2021 – Sallie Eden

Sunny Side Up by Susan Calman
Published by Two Roads, 2018
Watching Susan Calman’s new series ‘Grand Day Out’ on tv, I was prompted to re-read her second book, which is described as a story of “kindness and joy”.
Just as her sunny personality and enthusiasm for trivia and all things ridiculous are apparent on tv and radio, so they shine through in this book, as she sets out her Calmanifesto of hope and day to day “niceness”.
At a time when the superficiality of short term fame is so highly prized, it is refreshing to dip into the story of someone whose life has more depth and whose aim is to make others’ lives a little better, whether that’s by demonstrating it’s ok to participate in ‘Strictly’ even if you’re not the greatest dancer, that making people smile is a gift and by doing their shopping you can brighten someone’s whole day.
She meanders to and fro between stories of relationships, her experience of doing stand up comedy, her previous career as a lawyer, living with depression, the importance of random acts of kindness, culture, Helen Mirren, meeting her wife and (of course) her cats. It’s all rather like sitting on a sofa talking to an old friend, the sort of friend who’s always there for you, who will make you giggle and will tell you what a nice cardi you’re wearing.
I smiled, I nodded in agreement and I laughed out loud. A wonderful, wonderful book.
I’ll take a guess and say that, by the end, the majority of people buying this book will wish they could ask Susan round for supper and a nice chat. Kevin and Lee would be welcome too.
Also available as an audiobook, read by Susan herself. 

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