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Book Reviews – September 2013 – Sallie Eden

before-I-go-to-sleep-sj-watsonBefore I Go To Sleep by S J Watson – Published by Black Swan Jan 2012

Christine is suffering from severe memory loss.  Every day is the start of a new attempt to remember who she is. Every day the man she has shared a bed with must explain that he is her husband Ben.

In an attempt to help Christine regain her life, a neurologist encourages her to write a journal. Every day she must re-read it to find out what happened the day before. But, as she slowly rebuilds her memory, her past becomes even more of a mystery. What are lies and what is the truth and which will protect her?

Verdict: Amazing quality writing for a debut novel. Steven Watson’s attention to detail coupled with a tense and clever plot make me eager for his next book. Filming is due to start shortly. Read the book, see the film! *****

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