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Bool Reviews – May 2022 – Sallie Eden

Rooms of One’s Own by Adrian Mourby

Published by Icon Books, 2018
To paraphrase Mrs Merton “what first attracted me to Adrian Mourby’s book?” Two things: firstly, the author’s witty and informed piece in the programme of Scottish Opera’s recent touring production of The Gondoliers (both the article and the opera were outstanding), and secondly, the title, a reference to Virginia Woolf’s statement that, if she is to write fiction, ‘a woman must have money and a room of her own’, a quote I have on the wall of my study.
Described as a ‘literary journey’, he explores fifty places around the world where some of the literary greats lived, wrote or were inspired. This is my favourite type of non-fiction book, well researched, interesting and full of “I didn’t know that” snippets.
Fascinating, original and really enjoyable, this wonderful book is part travelogue, part literary exploration and 100% the product of a curious mind.
Perhaps a visit to St Mawes or Falmouth could be on the cards if Adrian writes a further sequel.

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