Local News 2012

Break-in at Lanhoose

20.06.12: A report of a beak-in at Penhaligon’s Cottage, Lanhoose near Portscatho has been reported. Richard Sharpe, of Sharp and Rimmer Solicitors in St Mawes came across the break in after taking prospective buyers to the house.

Richard told Roseland Online, “I went out and saw that the kitchen door had been smashed, there was a smell of smoke, drink and dog inside; dog biscuits on the bathroom floor, gratuitous hole punched in a wardrobe door and an un-flushed toilet.”

A middle-aged hippy couple were seen closing the gate earlier on that day, which was considered odd because it is usually left open. They were described as both large, and the woman had many piercings. They also had a large black dog with them.

The police would like to speak to anyone fitting that description and urge resident to look out for them and call 101 if they see anyone. We also ask residents to be vigilant, especially where normally empty properties are concerned, for any strange lights or signs of life and let the police know of any abnormalities.

Update: We’re delighted to report the perpetrators have been apprehended and have confessed to the crime. Thanks to the local Police and Roseland Online readers!

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