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BT Phone Scam – IMPORTANT Warning

A particularly computer savvy local has told Roseland Online about a convincing new BT phone scam which is being perpetrated in the area.

We are told the fraudsters ring up stating that they are from BT and even recite your account number. They claim there has been some unusual activity on your account and ask you to download some software to help resolve it.

Within minutes they will have access to your bank account details and will clear it out.

This is an extremely convincing scam due to the plausible account details they quote back at the victim.

Bt and the police have confirmed BT WILL NEVER PHONE CUSTOMERS about account issues. If anyone phones you and claims to be from BT, unless you’re expecting a call, it’s almost certianly a scam and you should hang up.

PLEASE SHARE this information with the elderly and vulnerable. Although many banks will reimburse victims of this fraud, it does leave victims feeling emotionally drained.

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  • This scam is still going around. I was telephoned on Wednesday 5 April by a someone posing as a BT operator and it was a replica of the previous article. However, when I challenged them saying that this was a scam they became very angry and asked me ‘who told you this?’ I put the phone down.

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