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Car Swept Out to Sea at East Portholland

porthollandcarRoseland Online a car that was  swept out to sea in the rough seas last night.

Falmouth Coastguard said a man, who was believed to have been watching the waves near the seafront, but managed to jump from his car shortly before it was washed into the sea at East Portholland.

He is not believed to have been injured.

On the A 390 at Tresillian there is a little flooding near the bridge, but it was completely passable and traffic was moving in a steady flow in both directions at 8.30 this morning.

We advise everyone to keep away from the seas and not be tempted to go down and watch the waves.

King harry Ferries are now running again.

We will keep you up to date on this and other local stories with regards the weather here as the day progresses. If you have any up to date news, please add as a comment below.

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