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Starring Jodie Foster & Kate Winslet, Directed by Roman Polanski

Based on the acclaimed play ‘God of Carnage’ by Yasmina Reza, following a playground scuffle between their 11-year old children, the parents of the “victim” have invited the parents of the “bully” to their apartment to sort it out. Cordial banter gradually develops a razor-sharp edge as all four of the well-heeled American parents reveal their laughable contradictions and grotesque prejudices.

I didn’t know quite what to expect after the years of controversy surrounding Roman Polanski’s latest film (not to mention his personal life), but I needn’t have worried. He’s lost none of his worthy acclaim and this film is stunning. Short, yes, but brilliant performances from everyone, great direction and searing embarrassment and cutting humour make this a must see film.

Verdict: Watch this little puppy! Blinding on all levels. *****

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