Local News 2011

Community Website for Veryan Affordable Housing

29.11.11: A small team of consultants are exploring the provision of affordable housing in Veryan and have set up a website to help the community become involved in stages of the consultation.

Situ8 have been engaged in consultation with the Veryan community for some time and as part of their last meeting on the 8th November with the community they discussed the setting up of a community regeneration trust which would attract members of the community as trustees. The sole aim of the website is to provide much needed facilities in the parish.

Angela Warwick, Director of Planning Consultant at Situ8 told Roseland Online, “Affordable housing is one of those identified needs in Veryan. We were given the green light at that meeting to explore the role of trustees and more detail on the trust. It was suggested that a great means of communication about our progress – alongside that of conventional posters and local magazines – would be the setting up of a website to be used as a discussion forum and a means of updating the community.”

Eventually they aim is to have ‘ready to print’ posters on the website for the community to use to spread the news of an upcoming event, and a frequently asked question database created by the community and they are pleased to announce that the website and it is now live.

Please go to www.cornishcommunities.co.uk to have your say and, of course, our letters page is here for you to air your views on this consultation.

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