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Cornwall Council Anti-Litter Campaign

Help Cornwall Council get the message to litterbugs:

No more rubbish excuses

Green Champions

Cornwall Council is running an anti-litter campaign with Clean Cornwall and Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Would you be prepared to support the campaign and help us get the message across that there’s never any excuse for dropping litter?

We have some animations and campaign graphics available here that you can share on your social media channels, or email to your friends and family to share in turn.

The campaign says a big thank you to Cornwall’s volunteer litter pickers who do so much to help us keep Cornwall beautiful. It also says thank you to the majority of residents, visitors and tourists who never drop litter.

And, to the minority who think it’s acceptable to hang their poo bag in a tree or leave their disposable barbecues on the beach: ‘No more rubbish excuses – find a bin and use it!

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  • Truro recycling centre is now open. First day today. Even less excuses not to recycle more. Call in on your way into town.

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