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Crowdfunder Campaign on the former Roseland Activity Centre – Cllr Julian German : Cornwall Council

Crowdfunder Campaign on the former Roseland Outdoor Activity Centre
You will have heard the news that Cornwall Council is closing Cornwall Outdoors, the Council’s outdoor education provider. There are three centres, east, mid and west Cornwall. One site was leased by Cornwall Council and is being put out for a sub-lease to continue as an outdoor education facility. The other two sites are being sold on the open market and are likely to be changed to housing as the most profitable option for a developer.
Before the pandemic Cornwall Council took the decision to close the Roseland Outdoor Education Centre but in this case they talked with the community to see what we wanted to happen there. Following public meetings a group was formed with the vision of reopening the centre for continued use in outdoor education. The group became a registered charity (number 1186095) called the Roseland Centre and agreed an Option to Purchase at £200,000 plus a number of costs such as stamp duty, legal fees, etc which brings the actual total needed to £240,000.
Outdoor education facilities have closed around the country due to lack of income during the pandemic but there is a very strong need for these facilities. They have closed at the very time we learnt how important it is to experience the great outdoors. There is a large and rapidly growing body of evidence about the benefits of outdoor learning including improved language and communication skills, motivation, independence, confidence and self-esteem, concentration, self-evaluation, creativity and openness to new perspectives.
For the Roseland Centre progress stalled during the pandemic but is now re-energised. However, the option to purchase runs until 24th September this year, so with twelve weeks left there is a real urgency to make this happen. Cornwall Council has been clear that there will not be an extension to this date. As with the other two recently closed outdoor educations centres where Cornwall Council own the freehold, my clear expectation is that the Council will do the same here and put on the open market for sale, leading to the site being developed for open market housing.
Not only is the site important to the heritage of St Just, it can continue to be an important resource for the children of the Roseland, as well as wider Cornwall, just as it used to be. The Roseland Centre charity have been speaking with local schools and providers and know that the demand is certainly there. Whilst it is unfortunate that outdoor education centres elsewhere in the country have closed due to lost revenue during the pandemic this actually makes the ongoing viability of the Roseland Centre stronger. 

A Crowdfunder campaign to raise funds is imminent and the charity would love some people to help them in particular with social media and fundraising. Maybe you know people who could be interesting in donating or are interested yourself? 

Update on 11 July 2022: The Roseland Centre (registered charity 1186095) have secured a quarter of the funding needed from St Just in Roseland Parish Council, a huge thanks to them. Other firm pledges of £20,000 have been received from residents and a business. In total this means that a third of the overall funding needed has already been secured. If you are interested in donating please contact the charity by emailing or Julian.

If you can help at all or would like further information, then please do contact me.
Julian German 07737 183 690 

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