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Cornwall Council : Members Briefing 13.01.2021

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Today’s briefing is more internally focused to Cornwall Council but may be of interest.

Further down is a facebook live session that is being held on Friday with the Cllrs for Public Health and Public Protection taking questions from residents, please share this with your networks.

The Roseland and Probus rate is at 474 per 100,000 so please keep reiterating to residents the need to keep safe. You can follow this data here Interactive Map | Coronavirus in the UK (

If you are concerned about individuals breaking the rules, they can be report to the police on and concerns about businesses can be reported to

Take care, Julian

Dear colleagues

The decision has been taken to place Cornwall Council officially into response mode once more as the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic continue to affect our daily lives. It comes as we face a rapid rise in the number of cases of Covid-19 identified within our communities, as we deal with the new, more easily transmissible variant of the virus, and after we have been placed in a third lockdown by central government.

It means that, under these new challenges, our first priority must be on responding to the changing situation to ensure we can continue to effectively provide the vital support and services our residents and communities need at this challenging time.

The position will mirror the way we operated in the early days of the pandemic crisis last spring.  We then switched to recovery mode as the number of cases dropped into the summer, but the changing circumstances mean we must return to a response-led plan once more.

This means we will be restarting our logistics cell to ensure we are directing our resources at the right places to maximise our results.  The other cells which have continued to meet since last spring will now also adopt a response rather than a recovery focus. The decision has been communicated to our staff in a message from Kate Kennally today.  Her message included some words to our staff from myself, which I have included below for your information:

“The decision to place the council into response mode once more was sadly an easy one to make.  The evidence of rising case numbers, the new variant of the virus, and the ever-changing guidance from Westminster left us with little choice.

The change means we can now focus on our response to the pandemic, and ensure our resources are directed in the best way to the benefit of our residents.

I appreciate it may mean changes to the way you work, and I wanted to pay tribute to you all for the way you have adapted already to the challenges of the past year and continue to do so in this ever-evolving situation.

I am proud of the way Cornwall Council has supported our communities through this crisis, and we would not have been able to do that without the support of our magnificent staff.

Thank you, and please know that I, and all my fellow councillors, appreciate your efforts.”

Press briefing to be held in public

Following the success of the Facebook Live question and answer session we held last week, we have decided to start holding our weekly press briefings in public online.

It will allow for greater transparency for the public and enable people to raise the issues which really concern them. It will also allow the press to ask questions of the cabinet, public health team and representatives from our partner agencies on a regular basis.

The briefing will take place between 2pm and 3pm this Friday, and will be led by Cllr Sally Hawken, who will be joined by Cllr Rob Nolan.

You will be able to access the meeting via our Facebook page at

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All coronavirus related enquiries or issues to our dedicated email address This email address is monitored throughout normal business hours.

Anyone who needs help can request a volunteer by ringing 01872 266988 or

Find out more about the support available for businesses here: Business Rate Support Council Tax Supportand Growth Hub

Please continue to look after yourselves,

Best wishes


Julian German

Hembrenkyas an Konsel

Konseler Kernow rag Pastel-vro An Ros

Leader of the Council

Cornwall Councillor for the Roseland Division

Pell/Telephone: 01872 322570

Klapkodh/Mobile: 07737 183690

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