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Cornwall Council Notices in Gerrans Parish Explained

In response to correspondence with the agents representing Enys Estate, Gerrans Parish Council have received the following statement with regard to the numerous notices that have been going up in the Parish this week. It is hoped that this will clarify the situation for local residents. The statement reads as follows :

“The Notices have been erected by Cornwall Council as the landowner has submitted what is known as a Section 31(6) Statement. This is a common process whereby a landowner formally confirms the public rights of way over land that they own. It is a process to clarify the rights of way over land and the landowner’s documents deposited by the Council are in agreement with the records currently held by the Council as detailed on their definitive rights of way map.

“The process has taken place for many years previously but recent Government ’simplification’ under the Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013 has now meant that the Council have to erect notices on every individual parcel of land that is incorporated in any submission. In Portscatho, this will be quite a few small blocks of land.

 “The process will not make any changes to the use of the land. It is not a planning application!”

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