Local News 2012

Cornwall Wildlife Trust Seeks Volunteers

17.05.12: Cornwall Wildlife Trust is looking for keen volunteers to take part in an exciting new marine science project taking place now. They will be on the look-out for non-native marine plants and animals around the Cornish coast.

They are looking for recreational boat owners, or maritime users with access to a pontoon mooring, to be volunteers for this project. Volunteers will be asked to deploy a small settlement panel in the sea for 6 to 10 weeks and will then observe what begins to grow.

Lisa Rennocks, Invasive Species Project Officer for Cornwall Wildlife Trust says, “The panels, which must be continuously submerged at all states of the tide, will provide an excellent insight into what is living in our seas. They can help to detect the arrival of non-native species, some of which may threaten the survival of native marine life. This new citizen science project offers volunteers the chance to learn about marine life and help protect the environment.”

Participants will need a digital camera to record what grows, preferably with access to the internet although printed photographs are also accepted. By taking part you will be contributing vital scientific data on the distribution and spread of non-native species.

The information gathered by the Trust’s Invasive Species project will help build evidence to influence policy here in Cornwall, aiming to protect marine wildlife for future generations.

For more information, visit www.erccis.org.uk/panelproject or contact Lisa to find out more about volunteering on (01872) 273939 ext 242 or email lisa.rennocks@cornwallwildlifetrust.org.uk

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