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Could You Give Some Hens A Happy Home?

Hen keeping is on the rise and it’s not difficult to see why. Ex-bats in particular make wonderful pets and are great company, each with their own distinct personalities. The British Hen Welfare Trust re-homes hens, both free range and caged, that would otherwise go to slaughter at 72 weeks old.  The local team, based in Redruth, holds re-homings roughly every 6 to 8 weeks.  Since the team was set up in April 2016 it has found homes across West and North Cornwall for 4,000 hens.

Once you have kept ex-bats you will never want to be without them.  Seeing a hen fresh out of her cage enjoying the sunshine, scratching for bugs and slugs and dust bathing is one of life’s pure joys. Although they may be looking a little tatty at first, after a pedicure and a few days of fresh air they will start to grow their new feathers and become real characters. The added extra is that you will be provided with free range eggs for breakfast!


If you would like to re-home some hens please contact or 01884 860084.

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