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Covid Boosters

Covid Boosters

Currently, we have no Covid vaccines to administer boosters to our eligible patients.  We are hoping that they will be delivered to the Surgery Network sites in Cornwall some time around the third week of September – but so far, no date has been confirmed and equally, we haven’t been given any advice as to whether that is for delivery of the Pfizer vaccine, the Astra Zeneca vaccine or both.  It appears from information sent out to the media that not every patient will be eligible for a booster dose – BUT – this has not been confirmed by NHS England with those of us working in Primary Care and I would rather that patients did not panic at this stage about eligibility or otherwise.    As soon as we have official information and guidance, we will share it.

What we have been told is that we should be able to use the Merlin Centre at Hewas Water for patients who are eligible for a Covid booster which we will share with Probus Surgery – and whilst this isn’t as good as having the vaccine here at the surgery, it’s hugely better than traipsing over to Clays Surgery in Roche.    It is unclear at the moment whether patients will be able to have a Covid booster AND a flu vaccine at the same time – again, as soon as we have the official guidance, we’ll let our patients know.


Nicola Davies
Practice Manager
Roseland Surgeries

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