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Crashed Spitfire Unearthed in Carrick Roads


A Spitfire plane suspected of crash landing in the Carrick Roads has been discovered just below the Tregothnan estate at Cove Wood.

Experts believe the plane, believed to be a WWII Spitfire, which, historic reports show, may have crash-landed in the Carrick Roads during the preparations for the D-Day landings.

The local weather team at Goonhilly Earth Station who took the satellite pictures for Google Earth said that a combination of the extreme weather and movements of the tides could have been the cause for the disturbance, unveiling what must have laid hidden in the mud for well over 70 years.

Rory Smasher, spokesperson for Marshman Dredging in Redruth, told Roseland Online, “This is quite an exciting revelation and we’re working with the team at Tregothnan, who own the banks around the location, to find the best way of recovering the plane before the next spring tide, which may well sink it further into the mud.”

Getting to the plane is made doubly difficult due to the softness of the mud in that area and the vegetation growing near the access paths, but they’re hopeful of a successful recovery in the next 24 hours.

Roseland Online will keep you up to date with proceedings and ask people to keep away from the area in boats to allow the dredgers to access the area.


  • If anyone wants more information on the Plane and its pilot – I may be able to put you in contact with someone who could give you some information. 01594 888236

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