Local News 2011

DCPA Cold Callers Alert

Further to Devon and Cornwall Police messages sent in June 2011, they want to let residents know that they have received recent reports of cold callers calling on residents in Cornwall producing a card stating they are deaf and mute and asking for money, or selling pictures to raise money for an operation.

This is a scam and the callers are bogus. Please do not buy goods or offer money to these people and they urge residents who receive callers like this to contact them as soon as possible on 101 so we can deal appropriately. If possible please make a note of descriptions and vehicle registrations.

Please pass this information on to your neighbours

Anyone can phone the DCPA with any information under 101, or e-mail them under: general.enquiries@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk

N.B.: Always ask to see I.D. of callers and, if at all suspicious, call the numbers in the phone book to make sure the callers are who say they are. If in doubt, don’t let anyone in.

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