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DCPA Scam Warning

This message relates to Scam telephone cold calling, where the caller will state that your bank account has been compromised and stating they are calling from the police or the bank and are able to provide you with details of a new “Safe” bank account.

The cold caller will then insist that funds be transferred into this account.

Please note -The Police will NEVER call you and ask for your bank card, PIN or cash.- Your Bank will NEVER call and ask you for your bank card, PIN or cash.

-NEVER give or disclose your PIN no: or any other banking or personal details to anyone.

If you receive a call and suspect it is a scam – tell the caller you will be reporting it to the police.

Please report any incidents of this nature to the police via the 101 no: quoting Operation Fardel which is the Devon and Cornwall Police response to crime of this type.

We would ask recipients of Community messaging to make your more elderly and vulnerable neighbours aware of this message. Thank you

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  • I work for Santander and I always tell our customers if they get a call to come into the branch to check if they say they are from the Fraud team we can check and will know straight away if it is a scam or not. The scammers stay on the line you think you are calling the Fraud team but you are not because the scammers keep the line open and pretend to be the fraud team. Always go into your branch. Even if they tell you that the branch staff are in on the fraud. Which they are not.

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