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Devon and Cornwall Police Alert – New Telephone Scam

Devon_Cornwall_Police_logo thumbThe Devon and Cornwall Police would like to make you aware of the following countrywide telephone scam:

A call comes through from persons purporting to be from the Metropolitan Police (or a bank) stating that your bank account has been compromised by money launderers or their bank card has been used by a person in custody. These people are very convincing.

They will tell the victim to hang up and instruct them to call the telephone number on the back of their card. However the line will remain open by the offender so the victim will mistakenly believe they are calling the bank.

They are then tricked into disclosing bank information and be instructed to attend the local branch of their bank and withdraw a sum of money and pass it to either a local taxi firm or to a courier sent by the fraudsters to collect the funds or bank cards.

Genuine police officers and bank staff will never ask for your PIN number, bank card or cash over the phone. Never give out any personal or bank details to anyone especially unsolicited calls.

Please hang up on any similar calls you may receive. Can this message be passed to friends, family and elderly or vulnerable persons that may be convinced to part with bank account, credit card details or cash. Thank you.

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